• Responsive Websites
    Responsive Websites

    Look great on every device


    Arc Web Design is expert at creating responsive websites, which in this modern era of mobile and tablet devices, is incredibly important to any business that wants to achieve a quality online presence. A responsive website automatically adjusts to the size of the screen the visitor is viewing, so no matter which digital device a visitor is using, they will be able to see text and images clearly, and easily navigate through the website.

  • Happy Customers
    Happy Customers

    We’re happy when you’re happy


    On top of our technical know-how, Arc Web Design differentiates itself from competitors by focusing on providing high quality service and support. We know customer satisfaction is key to our success, so we’ve designed our comprehensive services so that they can be customised to each client’s unique requirements. We want happy customers to tell their friends about us, and we know the way to achieve this goal is by doing everything possible to provide you with what you want for your new website.

  • Multi-language Websites
    Multi-language Websites

    We speak your language


    Arc Web Design specialises in building multi-language websites. You’ll be able to speak your own language with visitors – no matter what language it is, and still have an English website for the rest of Australia (and the world). We can even set-up the back-end of your website in your native tongue. If necessary, we have staff members that speak Mandarin for our Chinese customers.


Arc Web Design offers complete Internet solutions

Web Design

From domain name registration right through to post-publishing web maintenance, Arc Web Design has all of your web design and development bases covered.

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Internet Marketing

Once your website has been created you need to make sure current customers and prospective clients can find you online.

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Web Maintenance

Arc Web Design ensures your web pages and blog articles are updated when any content has changed or been created.

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Our Portfolio

View websites we’ve designed and developed for our clients
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Packages And Pricing

Arc Web Design’s packages suit everyone’s unique needs
Have a look at our web design packages, and click on the arrow below to compare them with one another. Our packages are designed to match a business’s needs, ranging from standard content driven websites right up to eCommerce sites with elaborate designs.
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    Standard Package

    Simple, yet uniquely yours

    Our Standard Package may be inexpensive when compared to our competitors, but the level of quality you’ll receive is anything but 'standard'.


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    Showcase Package

    Show your products to the world

    The Showcase Package is all about exhibiting your wares to the online community in all their glory. Show your customers everything!


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    eCommerce Package

    Open your online store all day long

    Our eCommerce package is designed so you can easily sell products online. Shopping cart, shipping, and payment methods make it simple.

    From $4,499

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    Mobile App Package!

    The future is mobile. Don't be left behind!

    Every dreamed your business enterprise would have an iPhone or Android App? Soon you’ll be even more accessible on smartphones and tablets!

    Coming Soon

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Happy Clients

Read testimonials written by our satisfied customers. Arc Web Design is a trusted name in the industry.
  • Rainbow Jungle Pet Store

    Finally, we have a website we can be proud of! Our puppies change day by day, we really appreciate the self-maintenance aspect of the site, and the training we received.

    Maylanie Lee ( Owner ), Rainbow Jungle Pet Store

    Henry and the team at Arc Web Design were incredibly efficient and provided exactly what our brief entailed. We recommend Arc to any business wanting a unique website.

    Mary Vanhoorn ( General Manager ), AloanStar
  • CMT Trading

    You designed an original website we feel perfectly exemplifies our brand identity. Our Chinese clients and Australian suppliers can read our bilingual text. Awesome!

    Jenny Zhang ( General Manager), CMT Trading
    Bodylosophy Massage Thearapy

    It was too hard for our staff to make updates on our old website. Arc moved the site onto an easy to use platform, and now anyone here can make changes.

    Sonny Shoduri ( Owner ), Bodylosophy Massage Thearapy
  • Forest Print

    We needed a complex website that could handle thousands of different product variations. Arc has done a great job with the shopping cart, shipping, and payment facilities.

    Jing Ge ( General Manager ), Forest Print
    Sinecera Printing & Design

    Arc Web Design designed and developed our website incredibly quickly, and for a reasonable price. We really like our slideshow, the choice of images, and our order forms.

    Ronel Chan ( General Manager ), Sinecera Printing and Design


If we haven’t covered it here, please contact Arc Web Design and we’ll answer all of your questions

General Website Development Questions:

✔  How much does a website cost?

This depends on the type of website you need. Basic websites start at around $999.00, while an eCommerce website with shopping cart and a large number of product pages costs from $2,999.00. Check out our ‘Packages' page, or contact Arc Web Design directly for a free quote.

✔  How long will my website take to be developed?

This can range between 1 week and 3 months depending on your exact requirements. When we quote you we'll let you know an estimated time for development. If you have a specific deadline we'll do our utmost to meet it.

✔  Will we have a meeting in-person to discuss the website design?

At Arc Web Design, we believe communication with our customers is key to the entire web development process. Throughout the different stages of development we will communicate with you via face-to-face meetings, telephone, email, and Skype calls to ensure your feedback and opinions are always heard. This is how we create website designs and functionality exactly as you wished them to be.

✔  What do I need to provide you with – photos, text?

You'll always get exactly what you want if you provide us with all of the necessary content, but if this isn't possible Arc Web Design has designed its services to be 100% hassle-free for our clients. We have the ability to prepare everything you need, including an in-house professional content writer for your website text, and graphic designers for high quality images and photography.

✔  What is your payment structure?

We require a 50% deposit after signing of the quoted contract, with the remaining 50% paid upon confirmation of the final website – just before publishing.

✔  What is the difference between a Showcase website and an eCommerce Website?

A Showcase website is very similar to an eCommerce site in that it can have product categories and product details, yet it doesn't include an eCommerce shopping cart. eCommerce websites are also set-up to handle shipping and payment facilities.

✔  How many pages are included in the website package? Is there a limit?

Most basic websites have a limit of 10 static pages, which easily suits the majority of our clients' needs. There is no limit to the number of product pages you can have.

✔  I already have a website and I need it updated, can you help me?

Of course we can; we can do anything and everything web-related. We'll take a look at your existing website and then provide you with a quote for updating it.

✔  I hear that there are hidden costs associated with web design services. Is this true?

At Arc Web Design our costs are presented upfront, as we believe transparency is paramount to a successful business relationship. We'll ascertain your exact requirements and then quote you a price. The quoted cost is then strictly adhered to.

✔  Why should I choose Arc Web Design over another provider for my website design service?

Arc Web Design prides itself on being able to consistently deliver high quality website development, graphic design, computer animation, and content writing services. It's our ability to cover all aspects of the website creation process that allows us to customise a business's website based on the client's unique requirements and industry. We are a holistic Internet solution provider, and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to our brand identity.

Technical Questions:

✔  Do I need a domain name and web hosting before I can have a website? Is there anything else I need before I can get online?

Yes, every website needs to have a domain name and web hosting service. You can either register them yourself, or we'll be happy to do it for you. When it comes to web hosting, our suggestions are based on your specific situation. We only recommend reliable and cost-effective web hosting providers.

✔  Can I have multiple languages on my website?

Absolutely. Arc Web Design has developed a number of bilingual websites for our clients, many of which have been for Chinese customers. Check out our portfolio to see some examples!

✔  Can I have audio and video on my website?

Not a problem. Both audio and video can be embedded into your new website. The files will be stored on the website itself, or on a third party website such as YouTube.

✔  Can I have live chat services for my customer service?

Again, we can do anything if it is for your Internet business. We have state-of-the-art live chat modules to suit all of your customer service needs.

✔  Can I have a Wordpress website? How about Joomla or Magento?

We are able to build websites on all three of these platforms. Please take a look at the Arc Web Design portfolio to see a number of examples from our previous clients.

✔  Will having a lot of images and video slow my website down?

Not necessarily. We have a number of ways in which we can ensure this problem doesn't occur. Simply let us know what your website needs and we'll provide suggestions on the best ways in which to ensure it always works as quickly as possible.

✔  Can I get all of my business email accounts set-up?

This can be done as long as your web host provides this option. If you choose one of our recommended web hosts you can have your domain name, email account, and multiple email accounts for all of your staff members from the same provider.

Website Design Questions:

✔  What if I don't like the design you create for me? Can I get another version?

Before we begin the project we'll have a face-to-face meeting. We'll ascertain your requirements, and then offer suggestions based on your business industry, preferred brand style, budget etc. We'll provide you with a draft, which you can then check and request modifications. The actual website will not be created until you confirm the draft design. It is very rare for people to dislike our designs, as our goal is to create websites that suit each client's unique needs, and which they are 100% satisfied with.

✔  Will my website look good on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets?

Arc Web Design is always at the forefront of Internet technology. We currently offer ‘responsive' websites that automatically adjust to fit all computer screens and mobile devices. Ask us about it!

✔  Can I have cool animations and slideshows on my website?

There isn‘t an animation or effect you've seen that Arc Web Design can't create for your new website. Our slideshows and animated effects will work across all browser types.

✔  Can I have a photo gallery on my website?

Yes you can. Arc Web Design can provide elaborate photo galleries that include auto-play and animations. We'll also show you how to maintain it yourself. Please check our portfolio for examples of galleries we've created for our clients.

✔  Can I have a map in my website?

We can integrate an interactive Google Map into your website showing your business's address. We can also customise your map with a range of effects designed to coincide with your brand's identity.

✔  Can I have an enquiry form in my website?

Of course you can. We can create anything from a simple contact form right through to multiple-page survey forms. When an enquiry is made it will be immediately sent to your email address where you can then check them on your computer or mobile device.

✔  Can I have a fancy design that is more attractive than the usual websites I see online?

We love designing one-of-a-kind websites! Our web designers and graphic designers are highly skilled, which means the final result will look exactly as you imagined it, no matter how fancy your imagined designs are.

ECommerce Website Questions:

✔  Can I have a shopping cart on my new website?

Arc Web Design offers a range of eCommerce solutions to meet your unique needs. From small retail shops that sell 20 – 30 products, right up to large online stores offering 5,000+ products, we've got you covered. Complex shipping and payment methods are also our specialty.

✔  How many different payment facilities can I have on my shopping cart?

We can set up all of the major payment options such as PayPal, credit card, direct deposit, or pick-up and pay. We also have the ability to customise a new payment facility based on your specific requirements.

✔  How can I accept credit card payments on my website?

There are a number of popular options available to you. You can use PayPal to accept a credit card, and the customer doesn't even need to own a PayPal account. Or, you can choose a bank and set up an Internet merchant account plus payment gateway. We can easily set you up with any of the big four Australian banks' online payment systems.

Online Marketing Questions:

✔  Will my website be search engine friendly?

All Arc Web Design websites are created on search engine friendly platforms. On top of this, we also provide a variety of Internet marketing services to help you reach your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) goals, including Google business listings, the setting up of social media business pages, blog writing and more.

✔  Can I track my website traffic to see how many visitors I've had to my website?

We can do it. We'll put Google Analytics (a traffic analysis tool) into your website so you can easily view reports showing how many visitors you've had, where they've come from, which search engine they used, what pages they stayed on longest, and more. This will help you see what is working on your website, and what isn't, so you can do your best to boost the website's traffic.

✔  Can I get SEO services?

Arc Web Design can provide you with a number of SEO tools including reports that show you the most popular search phrases in your industry, the status of your major competitors, the cost of Pay Per Click search terms, and how competitive these search phrases are. We can also provide SEO keyword enriched content writing, as well as social media page set-up and writing.

✔  Can I have a newsletter function in my website?

This is not a problem at all. We can integrate newsletter systems into your website that deal with new subscriptions, un-subscribers, groups of clients, and automatic newsletter deliveries. We also have the means to develop professional quality HTML newsletters. Just ask us.

Website Maintenance Questions:

✔  How do I update my website after it's online?

Websites can be updated by you, your staff, or by Arc Web Design's own web maintenance team. Our websites are built with multi-level user management systems that allow you to assign different levels of authority to various administrators. If you'd like us to take care of your website maintenance, ask about our ongoing maintenance plans, or we can work on an hourly rate.

✔  Can I get website maintenance, and if so, is it expensive?

Arc Web Design provides a range of different website maintenance plans. Simply tell us your requirements (via email, phone, or contact form) and we'll get back to you ASAP with a free quote.

✔  Once my website design is completed, what after-sales service will I receive?

All Arc Web Design developed websites receive full support should you encounter any issues, problems, or require further enhancements. We have website maintenance plans designed to ensure your website never goes out of date.

✔  Will I get training on how to use my website once it's been completed?

Yes, training on how to use the back-end of your website is included in the cost of each Arc Web Design development package.

✔  Do I have to keep my website with you forever, or can I choose another web designer to modify or maintain my website?

Arc Web Design develops websites using only the most stable and popular platforms. As the various technologies used are standard in the industry, you won't ever need to worry about not being able to find someone new to take over your website's maintenance.

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